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1000 Pieces Bio-Degradable Heavy Duty Spoon
341.67 SR
1000 Pieces Bio-Degradable Heavy Duty Spoon
Hotpack Biodegradable Heavy Duty spoon is part of our eco-friendly disposables range. This is made of Corn starch and PP. Our eco-friendly spoons are best for Tableware, Flatware, Partyware, Travel ware, Kitchenware, good for hot food Delivery packaging. It works perfectly for daily...
341.67 SR


What is so special about our Biodegradable products?

Our biodegradable Cutlery is designed to reduce your carbon footprint. To offer the packaging industry's highest-quality recycled foodservice goods and In order to reduce pollution and toxic waste. It is our goal to be sustainable and to motivate everyone to lead the eco-friendly disposables effort.

What we have?
-Heavyweight construction can accommodate substantial dishes
-Ideal for your environmentally conscious cafe, deli, bistro, or take-out buffet
-offers an environmentally beneficial substitute for conventional plastic flatware.
-We are one of the top providers of biodegradable items thanks to our excellent -quality and modern design.

Now buy Biodegradable Cutlery online. Celebrate your food.

Throw your concerns to the wind because these cutlery contain neither carcinogens nor hazardous substances. Your family is safe with us. You may rest confident that our items are created in an environment that prohibits touching because of this. When compared to other solutions on the market, our cutlery is more durable thanks to engineering and design that is more robust.

100% Compostable: Do you want to leave your children a healthier environment? Use and toss cutleries are created from sugarcane waste and returns to mother earth in 180 days. a more environmentally friendly substitute for plastic, poly, and thermocol cutlery that is less expensive and damaging. Once they have served their function of getting you to eat by serving you with biodegradable cutlery, they have no environmental impact. Your Friend For All Parties: Set the bar high by using Red-Dot for all occasions, including business or home parties, camping trips, picnics, weddings, and birthday celebrations. A top-notch offering from Hotpack.

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