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Salma opened her grocery cupboard, so many Tupperware’s to use but none adequate enough to store her left over chicken stir fry in. She wouldn’t dare store the freshly marinated chicken stir fry in the branded Tupperware that her mum gave her as she didn’t want the raw chicken smell to stick on her container. With such saucy meat, it is always ideal to refrigerate it in a container that does not require washing up afterwards. So, storage for just a short while was her aim. If only she had a disposable plastic container with an easy slip on lid to effectively store away the food. Aaisha is attending a henna function at Aunty Beni’s and can’t go empty handed. She has made delectable croissants that will look magnificent in her large silver tray. Aaisha knows very well that Aunty Beni will never return her new dishes so she refuses to part with the tray from Bali. If only she had those aluminum range container trays to take with. We all have days like Salma and Aaisha and that is the reason why Hotpack has been in business for twenty-three years. We continue to address food storage needs in a flexible and environmentally friendly way. We give happy customers a reason to celebrate their food and are one of the largest food packing companies distributing our products throughout UAE and exporting to more than 75 Countries.

 Food storage tips:

The aluminum pot with hood

The newest arrival aluminum pot bears a striking resemblance to the normal cooking pots. The pots come in three sizes 9cm, 21 cm and 39cm. These pots are ideal for storing left over curries or stews and keeping them in the fridge. They look good so you can be certain that opening a fridge with these aluminum pots inside will be pleasurable to the eye.  The aluminum pots are stylish enough to put as is on the tables at henna functions or even to use at religious functions like the two Eid’s.

The bamboo skewers

Many ladies have started marinating their meat in advance due to the Saudi Arabia heat that makes it impossible to stand in the kitchen for too long. A trick for marinating meat easily is to place the juicy marinated fillets onto a bamboo skewer and thereafter store it away in the freezer until further use. On the day of cooking and serving the meat, the meat is easy to work and can be cooked with a little oil in a pot. Placing the raw fillets on the skewers from the start means the fillets are already well presented and not much presentation work needs to be done when serving.

The sweet box

Having to deliver sweets or biscuits to neighbors or friends has never been easier. The sweet box is an attractive box that comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Each box is decorated differently to match the presentation look that you are going for. These are excellent boxes for gifting during Ramadan and Eid time. Many of our clients stock up on these boxes especially during Eid and Diwali.

Boat Trays

Sine chaat has become the ever so popular treat, these mini paper boat trays work perfectly for appealingly placing the chaat, crisps or nachos in. These boat tarys can even be used to place sweets or gums. They are rather decorative food serving items and can be used at functions to stylishly display the food. They are rather smaller trays so do not require a large serving portion.

Reusable plastic cups

These reusable plastic cups are still a hot seller. They range from different styles and sizes and some of them come decked with a lid- these mainly used to store smoothies or juice on the go. They can be washed and used again making these cups a money saver as well. Plastic cups are essential to keep in your homes as you never know when the need for them may arise.

Plastic compartment containers

What is biryani without sour milk and salad? Keeping this in mind our plastic compartment containers have been crafted to allow you to keep all the food that you would eat together separately without having to store them mixed.  These compartment containers come in various shapes and size and are easily transported. They seal tight with the transparent plastic lid that slips on easily and that is why they are life savers. The newest addition to the range is the strikingly attractive red and black container which comes with either two compartments or three compartments. They work when taking food with on a train or bus. They can also be reused.

Recyclable Plates

The recyclable plate has always been the best plate to use for picnics with the family. When going family outing often we all serve the barbequed meat in these plates. I too would recommend eating in the lightweight foam plate whilst in the desert. They are cheap and can be thrown away after use.

The reason that we have been in existence for so long and the reason why we continue to produce innovative ways of storing food is because we have realized the importance of food storage and the need for food transportation. 

We want men and ladies of Saudia Arabia to produce home cooked meals and we know that in order to be able to do that daily; they need to have fully stocked up fridges and pantries.  Having a stocked-up kitchen also means that there is lots of food wastage. Monies worth of food gets thrown in trash daily. We are here to prevent you from having to toss away your food. That is why we provide a whole range of cost-effective food storage containers as well as foils, brown paper bags and plastics. You can use our containers to store food in the fridge or pantry and in turn save space. Our containers are cost effective enough to be thrown away and replaced instantly. We have containers that are safe to be placed in microwaves and dishwashers as well as containers specifically designed to preserve food in the fridge or freezer. All our customers are guaranteed to waste far less food by using our disposable containers.

With our eco-friendly attitude we are one of the biggest distributors in the Saudi Arabia and we are always looking for more flexible methods of storage.

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